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Complete your product delivery with excellent information

BrightPoint is the cloud solution where business partners share validated product information according to industry requirements. BrightPoint will aid information providers in creating high quality data and give information consumers tools to organize and follow product life cycles.

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Information providers

The requirements for correct and up-to-date product information are continously changing. With BrightPoint, information providers can save time creating, managing, validating and sharing product information. And most importantly; keep customers happy with proper product information.

Information consumers

Stop loosing money looking for product information. Plug in and get validated, industry-specific data according to global information standards.

So why choose BrightPoint?

Here are our strengths


Our database have configurable information structures which enables fast updates of datasets. This allows you to always have your items match the latest information requirements.


We have built-in guidance and validation algorithms for item creation. And our data analyzer tool will help you track and raise the data quality on your items.


With functionalies as add-on modules and price per items, you only pay for what you use. And you don't pay for additional users.


Don's worry about installations and connectivity. BrightPoint is a cloud solution and always up and running.


We have interfaces for integration and exports which allows you to incoorporate BrightPoint in your currect system environment and processes.

Internal datasets

In addition to the information that is shared, both information providers and consumers can have their own datasets on items, which allows users to add personal notes or important internal information.

What can BrightPoint do for you?

Here are the main benefits

The synnergies of having correct information at the right time should not be underestimated. Suppliers want happy customers and consumers want reliable product life cycles. BrightPoint can help both parties to save time by streamlining the information processes.

Save time managing data
  • Easy to create items with business sector specific templates
  • Get it right with guidance and validations with built-in algorithms
  • Create custom products and ranges with item masters
  • Use integrate and export functions to streamline process
Save time sharing
  • Publishing items to all customers simultaneously
  • Create products sheets directly in interface
  • Keep track with version management and item history
  • Link images and documentation to items
Value for your customers
  • Consistent data delivery
  • Be up-to-date with business sector information standards
  • Track and improve data quality continuously
  • Manage and share customized products
Save time looking for information
  • Subscribe to get instant information on updates and replacements
  • Be effective with categorized and organized items
  • Use company view to add important internal information
Save time with great quality
  • Validated item information according to industry standards
  • Use integrate and export functions to streamline process
  • Export product sheets
  • Invite collaborators to view your items
  • Set up smart workflows to match existing processes

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